How do I find funding for my idea?

Gregg Fairbrothers:  Raising money is a long, time-consuming, and often demoralizing process. The best way to find funding is to have found ways to eliminate some of the big early-stage risks before you look for funding: is there a working prototype or product?  Do you already have paying customers, proving people will buy? Are you … Continue reading

How do I pitch my ideas?

Gregg Fairbrothers:  Persuasive communication is one of the most important skills in the startup world, and often the least developed. Pitching is an art in itself, but fortunately it’s one anyone can learn with a little practice. “Pitching” in this question really means to describe, explain, persuade, sell. If you pitch successfully, you are achieving … Continue reading

Where do I go to find legal advice and make good legal decisions?

Gregg Fairbrothers: Lawyers are the place to find legal advice, but using them can’t substitute for your own judgment and decisions. It’s your job to manage your lawyers, not be so ignorant or unconcerned that they end up managing you. If you are starting a company you have to be versant enough in all the … Continue reading

What’s next? How do I get organized? What systems do I need?

What’s next? How do I get organized? What systems do I need? Gregg Fairbrothers:  Many startups put getting organized, putting controls, accounting, and policies in place until it’s too late, and invariably they end up paying a heavy price. It’s easy to over-organize and over-structure too early, but unfortunately even easier to put it off … Continue reading

Where do I look to find resources?

Gregg Fairbrothers:  Resources are everywhere. If you start looking for them—on the web or otherwise—you will soon drown in them. The problem isn’t finding resources, it’s finding good resources that will do what you need at costs you can afford. That takes a lot more looking and networking, but that’s your job as the entrepreneur: … Continue reading